We are invest in the long term building up of the spiritual lives of our youth and training them to become leaders in the church and to make a difference in someone’s life!

Our hope is that the baton of faith is being passed down for a new generation of leaders to emerge and to take the church to places it has never gone before!


Relational Ministry– building friendships among the youth is important for growth in God.  We value being with each other more than even excellent youth programming- but we also like that too!

Growing in God– we value learning about how the Bible impacts everyday real life and how knowing God in a real way helps us make wise choices in life. We provide a safe place for youth to discern, question and clarify their beliefs and create  paces and an atmosphere where youth can encounter God in deep and life changing ways.

Serving Others– We provide opportunities for youth to understand that the church is just a mission outpost where we gather for worship, study and fellowship, but that our real work is when we leave the doors of the church and enter into the world.  Wherever we are is where God puts us to do ministry- in school, on field trips, on the soccer fields, in a drama class.  We also provide experiences to impact others- we have yearly mission trips in the summer and service projects throughout the year.

Having Fun–  we love laughing together and having fun- which many times involves something with food.

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