Small Groups

Tuesday Morning Group – 10:30 AM
The fall start-up of the RPC Tuesday Morning Group will meet at Carolyn Dodge’s home.
Friday Night Small Group – 7 PM
The fall start-up of the RPC Friday small group will be held at the
Sorini home.

Through the history of the church, small groups have played a vital role. From the time of Christ to today, these values have changed countless lives and helped the church to grow and reach thousands, while at the same time give the closeness of a well knitted community.
Small Groups give the church the ability to grow larger and smaller at the same time!   At the center of why we do small groups is to see changed lives. We see this accomplished through our Vision and Mission.

Once a month on Tuesday, from 10:30 to 12:00, we gather together at a members house and bring a sandwich to share.  We read and discuss scripture, select a community project and fellowship together.Our lives and faith grow deeper and richer each time we meet.

On Friday, once a month, we gather at a members house from 7:30 – 9:00 pm and bring a dish to share.  We discuss various community projects and services in which we can engage and make a difference in a community.

Do the small groups have anything in common? Both small groups provide a way for RPC members to get to know each other better and to offer a support network. They also provide a place to do a deeper dive into faith and spiritual growth. Each group picks their own topics and both groups have mission projects as a part of what they do. Both work to support the life and mission of RPC.

What is different about small groups? Each group sets in own course and schedule. People who attend the Tuesday meeting like a day time meeting and use the bible as a focus for discussion. The Friday group is an after-work crowd and picks current topics for discussion. Several families are thinking about starting a third group for members with children that would be tailored to suit busy families.

Interested in being a member of a small group or helping to start a new group?
Pat Wolff and Patti Sorini coordinate the Friday group. Pat Wolff is coordinating the formation of new groups.  For more information please contact the person below or call the office @ 301.762.3363.


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