Core Values

RPC Core Values

Core Values

This is an exciting time for the Presbyterian Church as a whole, and Session has been discussing ways to make sure RPC is a relevant and strong church in the 21st century. The current Session members have spent much time in the past year working on guidelines, or “Plumb Lines” for RPC. We want these guidelines to make clear for members and visitors what our priorities are as a church, and to help us make decisions for staffing, programming, and outreach as we move forward.

Plumb lines are why we do what we do the way we do it. They explain how we plan on fulfilling the mission God has given us at our church at this time in our history. Plumb lines are also useful for staff and leadership alignment, so everyone is “on the same page”. With that in mind, we present the RPC Plumb Lines. If you have any questions or comments about them, please see any current Session member.

Rockville Presbyterian Church Plumb Lines

Come as you are. Hospitality is the top priority in our actions and attitudes. There are no perfect people in the church, so all are welcome. Whether you wear a suit and tie or jeans and a T-shirt, we don’t care and neither does God! What God cares about is if you come! We want to facilitate this coming by creating an environment of welcome and warmth.

Care Deeply. Relationships matter. Spend time outside of the worship hour to be with others in significant ways. Small is better than large and we will spend our time and money building up our small group ministry and seeking the friendship factor in all our programs.

Look Outward. Change the world one life at a time. We want to engage others at church, be of service to those around us in this community, in our work places and in the world at large. Make a difference!

Innovate! God is doing a new thing- can we perceive it? The same ol’, same old will not do anymore. All ministry teams seek God in various ways and ask what new thing can be done to deepen our life with God or deepen our life together. Worship can no longer be just sitting in the pews. It has to become an experience of God!

Grow! Learn, lead, pray… Faith is not just a Sunday thing! Stepping out of our comfort zones is necessary for building a strong and healthy faith. Opportunities for growing our faith for all ages and life stages will provide safe places to question, laugh, cry and learn together.

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