Welcome – The Reverend Mike McNamara

A warm welcome to our new Pastor Rev. Michael Cory McNamara.

“I believe that Scripture is the inspired word of God. Scripture acts as the lens or the spectacles through which the gentle movements of the Holy Spirit become clearer and more focused. Scripture expresses the Love that God has for all and testifies to God’s presence throughout history….” read more at www.revmcnamara.info/

Rev. M. C. McNamara

Pastor Mike’s statement of faith can be fully read in his website using the following link: www.revmcnamara.info/faithstatment.

“I believe that Christ, the Son of God, is both fully human and fully divine. In the midst of that paradoxical union an invitation is extended to enter into relationship with God. Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit, invites followers by name to come and see; they are to be witnesses to the cross and the empty tomb, to the healing and the teaching, to the compassionate voice and the prophetic voice, to His love and His justice.”

“To be a follower of Christ is to be a witness of Christ’s triumph over death and to know it is God’s boundless love for all that truly sets disciples free. I believe Christ has called his followers to be a radically inclusive community called to love God and be audacious enough to love their neighbors, even when they disagree.”

Get to know Pastor Mike through the thoughts he shares on his websites. His many activities and writings are reflective of his passion for life, the outdoors, and his faith. Visit him at www.holyimagination.org and at www.revmcnamara.info/.

Download Rev. Michael Cory McNamara brochure:
Rev McNamara – Brochure

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