Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor, RPC Treasurer & Property Manager

Currently Bob Taylor is the Treasurer and Property Manager for Rockville Presbyterian Church.

Retired as a manager from CVS and retired as registered agent and manager for Prudential Insurance Co., Bob served 25 years on the Selective Service Board for Montgomery County Maryland. He served honorably for six years in the US Army.

Bob taught middle school in Virgina Beach and high school in Portwmouth, VA.

Married 45 years to his wonderful wife Judy with two children, Christy and Jeff and two wonderful grandchildren.

Bob earned a BS degree in Management, Psychology and Education and a LUTCF degree from Life Underwriter’s Council.

Grew up in a military family and spent 14 of his first 17 years in Japan and on Okinawa (where I got bitten by a monkey).

He speaks Duck fluently and have been seen putting on a show conversing with his counterpart at Disney World or with other ducks whenever they meet.

He loves to run and has run the Marine Corps Marathon 14 times. He also likes to bike and hike the high county. He loves to read and travel with his wife.

While in college he served on his first mission type of position as summer counselor at Camp Highroad in Middleburg Virgina. His second trip was with the RPC youth to Oklahoma to do tornado clean up and rebuilding.

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