The Ruling Elders, sitting Elders, along with the Pastor, are the Spiritual Leaders of the Church.  Session, comprised of Ruling Elders, meet the second Monday of every month for vision casting, spiritual growth and prayer. They learn together, make decisions about the mission and ministry of the church and just having fun together.  Click on the name of a Ruling Elder to learn more about our leaders or click on a committee to learn more about our ministries!

        Anne Baur, Clerk of Session

     Sharon Anderson,  Session Liaison to the Personnel Committee


      Sue Mckee, Session Liaison to the Fellowship

Martin Heilman, Session Liaison to the Worship Committee


Bernice Brown, Session Liaison to the Faith Formation Committee



Mark ChittumSession Liaison to the Buildings and Grounds Committee


Jerry Macomber, Session Liaison to the Finance Committee


Aimee Ranaivoarijaona, Session Liaison to ________ Committee


     Mary Williams, Session Liaison to _____ Committee

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