Stewardship Team

Stewardship Team

Plumb Lines

  • Live sufficiently, give extravagantly, for all we possess belongs to God – we are but stewards
  • As stewards, make decisions based on sharing generously what God has entrusted to our care
  • As stewards, we give to change lives, including our own: giving is an integral part of our faith that should also positively impact others
  • As stewards, we live from an attitude of abundance, not scarcity: base our choices on the belief God will provide
  • As stewards, we provide opportunities and resources for all aspects of stewardship: educate and mentor


Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven….. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. — Matthew 6:19-21

24 Bible verses about All Things Belong To God  – Christian stewardship begins with the premise that everything in the world belongs to God, not only our resources but ourselves as well.  God has entrusted us with many gifts which come with the responsibility of being good stewards of our gifts.

Stewardship is about lifestyle – making choices in all aspects of our lives that enable us to live with a spirit of gratitude for God’s love and generosity.  Through our gifts, we embrace and share God’s spirit, doing our best with what we’re giving knowing God will make good use of the collective gifts from all. Stewardship is a way for us to participate in the work of Christ and experience the joy of sharing ourselves, our talents, our passions, and our resources with others.

Ultimately the key to faithful stewardship is relationships – relationship with God and with each other.  As Christians we are called into a relationship with God through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves, our values, and our passions.  When the choices we make enhance our relationships, we know we are acting as faithful stewards of the opportunities that God has placed before us.

It is through our relationships that we begin a process of change, not only within ourselves but among others resulting in a profound impact.  Just as a pebble that is dropped into a body of water sends out ripples that seem to go on forever, our changes and resultant efforts impact far more than just ourselves.  They ripple through our families, our workplace, our community, our world… our lives.

Throughout the years, Stewardship Campaign was centered on the theme “The Ripple Effect.”  We learned from our members how their efforts have created change in the lives of others.  We explored the spiritual legacy within families, how faith is transferred from generation to generation, and how the church assists others in their faith journey.  We learned about efforts to reach out into the community and bring change to the lives of others through
compassionate service.  Our youth educated us about the impact they are having by providing funds to a global non-profit organization with a mission of connecting through lending to alleviate poverty.

Throughout 2017, RPC will continue to explore how to multiply our ripple effect throughout our community and the world by changing lives and developing relationships.

Stewardship is also about nurturing younger generations to start them on a path as good stewards through education and mentoring.  Children and youth ages 5 through 18 are actively encouraged to participate in the yearly stewardship campaigns and receive pledge forms specific to them.  During the conversation with children, kids are asked to place their weekly pledge in the collection plate to ingrain the habit of giving and to connect it to a message of God’s love and faithfulness.  The Stewardship Team developed a children’s mission project, the Children’s Coin Ministry, to help establish the relationship of their giving directly to mission support.

Pledge Cards

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