Christian Education: New Spring Schedule for 2020

New Spring Schedule for 2020

9:30 AM – Christian Education for all ages

10:30 AM – Worship, with a children’s message.
Nursery available for children.
Rally Day is also “Sundae Sunday” with ice cream, 
a scavenger hunt and other activities following worship.


GROWING IN GRACE – Education for Children

Explore the grace of God through the stories of Ruth, Samuel, David, and Jonah. Walk alongside these Old Testament heroes as they fight giants, struggle with the implications of power, claim God as their own, and extend hospitality to friends and strangers alike. Your children will be inspired to stand courageously for God and in solidarity with others.

Building a solid foundation in GOD, based on love, righteousness, conviction, and faith is certainly challenging amidst all the worldly stimulation and exposure.  As parents, we are incited to build confidence and instill faith that will empower our children to balance the challenges in life with faith and trust in GOD.

Join us and allow your children to be part of something greater than themselves.  Reinforce the foundation of your children’s’ Christian education through Sunday School: how to pray, believe in something greater, grow in faith and in relationships with others.

Every Sunday, during service, a children’s sermon is provided for the enrichment of faith creating a worship moment for the adults and children.

If you would like to take a preview of the upcoming lessons, look below and click on the desired lesson.

Scope & Sequence
Year 3—2017–2018
Year 4—2018–2019
Year 5—2019–2020
Year 6—2020–2021

Ages 3 to 5
Multiage (Ages 5 to 10)

Leader Helps
Welcome Letter
Welcome the parents, caregivers, and children in your church to a year of
Growing in Grace & Gratitude.
Basic Supplies and Reusable Supply list
A listing of supplies that will be reusable throughout the year.
Ideas for Working with Pre-Readers
A handy list of ideas for working with pre-readers
Photo Release Form

Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages 1
Coloring Pages 2
Coloring Pages 3
Coloring Pages 4
Coloring Pages 5

Ebooks for iBooks
Spring 2020 Summer 2020
Download Epub Download Epub

Grace Sightings
Spring 2020 Summer 2020
Session 1: March 1, 2020 
Session 2: March 8, 2020
Session 3: March 15, 2020
Session 4: March 22, 2020
Session 5: March 29, 2020
Session 6: April 5, 2020
Session 7: April 12, 2020
Session 8: April 19, 2020
Session 9: April 26, 2020 
Session 10: May 3, 2020
Session 11: May 10, 2020
Session 12: May 17, 2020
Session 13: May 24, 2020
Session 14: May 31, 2020
Session 1: June 7, 2020 
Session 2: June 14, 2020
Session 3: June 21, 2020
Session 4: June 28, 2020
Session 5: July 5, 2020
Session 6: July 12, 2020
Session 7: July 19, 2020
Session 8: July 26, 2020
Session 9: August 2, 2020 
Session 10: August 9, 2020
Session 11: August 16, 2020
Session 12: August 23, 2020
Session 13: August 30, 2020

Story Audio
Sprung 2020 Summer 2020
Jesus Teaches Us to Pray
Sow a Seed
You Are the Messiah!
Jesus Calls Us to Forgive
When Did We See You, Lord?
A Palm Sunday Parade
He Is Risen!
Jesus Will Always Be with Us
Only Say the Word
Jesus Walks on Water
The Generous Landowner
Lead by Serving
Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
Filled with the Holy Spirit
Moses and the Basket
God Makes a Way
The People Care for God’s Word
Spying on the Promised Land
Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve
Here I Am, God
God Calls a Shepherd Boy
The Lord Is My Shepherd
A Shepherd Boy Grows Up to Be King
God Is My Rock
Praise the Lord!
God Calls Jeremiah
The Potter Shapes the Clay

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