Rev. Karen Doty

We had an exciting couple of Sundays when we invested our fellowship time in figuring out what we have loved in our past, and what we would like to create in the future. It is clear that RPC has a lot of experience to draw on, and a lot of ideas about the future.

Worship is changing to be more inclusive. It was a surprise and a thrill for many when Howie played the organ for the first hymn on this past Sunday. Thank you, Howie! We know this is a new endeavor for you. We are beginning to project hymns once again, but hymn numbers or entire hymns will also be printed in the bulletin as usual. The musical notes of hymns that are unfamiliar, and which are not in our hymnals, will also be projected whenever possible to help us learn. These will also be printed in the bulletins in recognition that eye sight and other physical limitations make it difficult for some to follow projected images.

Our Faith Formation committee has invested a lot of time in selecting curriculum and preparing for each Sunday’s lesson. The curriculum is based on Bible stories, with associated activities. (Thoughts going forward: adult education; Bible study; additional ways of involving youth; confirmation class).

Our Mission committee is active. In coordination with the youth, packets of school supplies are being prepared for distribution through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA). (See Page 6) for more information). Samples and instructions are on display in the Calvin room during fellowship hour. (Rainbow House has moved from being a winter home for the homeless to being a respite while more permanent housing is located.

As we recognize changes, and as we think about what more we can do, we like most churches, think in terms of number of members. Church strength is, in fact, measurable in terms of other types of growth: growth in spirituality (worship, faith formation, existing small groups and possibly others) growth in outreach (fellowship, visitation, community outreach, and worldwide mission growth in stewardship of time and talents (providing support for current and future programs and enhancements.)

Stewardship will be getting your attention over the next month as we prepare for Stewardship Sunday on November 19th. Why do we pledge? We pledge time, talents, and financial support so our committees can do effective planning for sustainment and growing activities that foster spiritual, outreach, and stewardship for a continuing upward spiral of congregational growth.

I will be in the office on Wednesdays from approximately 11:00am until 3:00pm, and other times can easily be arranged by a call or email. I am always available via a phone call or text message at (202) 465-2417 and by email (

We have made a good start over the past month in discovering who we are as a congregation. I am looking forward to the journey and hope you are too.


‘Scripture is like a river – broad and deep, shallow enough here for the lamb to go wading, but deep enough there for the elephant to swim.’ – – Gregory the Great (540-604)

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