Mission Team

Mission Team

Plumb Lines

  1. Be seen.   We strive to show God’s love in our relationships, work places, and in the community.    We are  mindful that we may be the only Christians that some in our communities  may meet.  Our presence in the world will reflect God’s love of all people.
  2. Engage in hands on service.   Our time, talents and abilities are gifts that we should cheerfully offer.  We will use our church as a home base to refresh our souls as we go out in the world to invest these gifts and receive spiritual growth through service to others as we partner with God in His mission.
  3. Start small.  Landslides begin with the slightest sound or  movement, and change the form and shape of mountains forever.  We will identify opportunities to share God’s word, love and grace with the resources we have been provided.  This may be as small as providing a Bible study to our homeless clients who desire to attend.  Who knows this small snowball could create a ministry landslide in our community?
  4. Step out on faith.  We will put aside old disappointments and fears and open our hearts to dream big and trust in God.  Be ready for an adventure!  His guidance may take us off our well-worn paths.

About the Mission Team

Thank you for your interest in the Mission team! Our aim is to reflect God’s love for his people, by loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.  We believe that our neighbors are not only those who live near us, but in our community and around the world.  The Mission Team offers exciting and fulfilling volunteer opportunities.


Rainbow Place

This winter shelter for homeless women has been provided by RPC for thirty years.  Your talents may be used in this important mission, which is operated on RPC’s grounds, by assisting in meal preparation, serving, and bible study.  Learn more about Rainbow Place.

Beall Elementary After School Mentoring Program

This program offers a way to serve some of our youngest neighbors. Presently, RPC volunteers provide light snacks for the children and school staff for this weekly program which is conducted at the school.  We hope to work with the school staff to expand the program in the future.  You could help us do this!

The Lord’s Table

The first Friday of each month presents RPC with a special mission call.   RPC volunteers meet with other volunteers at St. Martin’s Catholic Church in Gaithersburg to prepare and serve hot, nutritious meals to approximately 100 hungry, homeless and needy people.  Known as The Lord’s Table, this service to those most in need reflects our love for our neighbors and God’s love for all of us.  Come join us on a Friday to show our community that we care.  You don’t have to be a chef!

Interfaith Works

Thanksgiving in February is an annual event where over 70 Montgomery County restaurants join to support hunger relief by contributing 10- 20% of their sales for one day. RPC annually participates in this day with small groups selecting restaurants where they can enjoy a meal out and contribute to the community.  This is only one program coordinated by Interfaith Works that offer mission opportunities.  Come join us and explore what your passion is
and we can find a way of fulfill it.


RPC’s Youth  Mission Group is preparing to travel again this summer to work in a community  in need far beyond our borders.  Approximately a dozen high school and mid-high students will live and work in a  remote area on the mountains of Ohio.  God’s love is visual in their hard work repairing homes and other structures.  Are you a  carpenter?



The RPC youth  group is working with KIVA, a non-profit micro finance organization committed to  providing financing to low income individuals to develop local businesses.  Participants can contribute as little as  $25.00 to a loan program which is administered by KIVA in over 61 countries.  This investment gives hope to those struggling  in poverty. Join us as we assist our youth as they contribute to this  innovative and dynamic mission.

In 2012 the  Mission Team hopes to extend our services even more to our neighbors  worldwide.  RPC is exploring the  possibility of engaging in a hands on mission experience in a third world country  to provide a safe drinking water supply. We propose to “Build A Well!” in a community where there has not been  one before.  Come help us as we are in  the planning stages of this great opportunity to serve our world  neighbors.

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