Rally Day

It is that time of year – Rally Day, the beginning of the new Bible School year. We call the first Sunday, Rally Day. It is a day set aside to reassemble or “rally” after the relatively quiet summer of missions trips, vacations, camps, etc.

In many churches, Rally day marks the beginning of the church calendar year, typically occuring in September or early October. The customs associated with it vary quite a bit from parades and picnics to special church meetings where goals for the coming year are presented.

At Rockville Presbyterian Church, we use the first Sunday after Labor Day as our Rally Day to mark the beginning of the new church year calendar. So this year, it is September 9! This day at RPC is special primarily to the Bible School.

The children program makes a bigger splash on this special day. The 3-year olds up through 6th grade begin their day in Fellowship Hall with a special crafts, activities, games and Ice Cream Sundaes. Come and enjoy the moment, meet the teachers and have fun with your children.

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