Sunday School


Ages 5-7, Leader Material

Explore the grace of God through the stories of Ruth, Samuel, David, and Jonah. Walk alongside these Old Testament heroes as they fight giants, struggle with the implications of power, claim God as their own, and extend hospitality to friends and strangers alike. Your children will be inspired to stand courageously for God and in solidarity with others.

Building a solid foundation in GOD, based on love, righteousness, conviction, and faith is certainly challenging amidst all the worldly stimulation and exposure.  As parents, we are incited to build confidence and instill faith that will empower our children to balance lifes’ challenges with faith and trust in GOD.

Join us and allow your children to be part of something greater than themselves.  Reinforce the foundation of your children’s’ Christian education through Sunday School: how to pray, believe in something greater, grow in faith and in relationships with others.

Every Sunday, during service, a children’s sermon is provided for the enrichment of faith and for the adults and children alike to worship together.  The children then disperse to their Sunday school class for a more comprehensive lesson filled with fun supporting activities.

View the Sunday school lesson for April 29, 2018.

Clothing Christ Style Sunday School April 29

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